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Keys To The Game: Week 4

Who’s been waiting all week for Sunday night? Buehler?......Buehler?

The Birds travel to San Francisco to face a banged up, yet confident, 49ers team in prime time. While the 49ers are without their starting QB, RB, WR, both DEs, and CB - the depth and coaching staff has brought this team to a 2-1 record. So how do the Eagles come away with a victory?

A Carson Wentz “Back on Track" Game

There is no doubt about it, for the Eagles to win this game, Wentz NEEDS to return to pre-2020 form. A game plan including getting the ball out of Wentz’s hand early, limiting turnovers, and getting the ball to Sanders sounds the best. Although poor opponents, the 49ers defense is tops in the league against the pass. However, the rush defense seems penetrable. In recent memory, Wentz and this offense are at their best when they get the run game going (and don't abandon it later in the game).

Disciplined Defense

Kyle Shanahan, much like Sean McVay, likes to use motion more than any other team in the league. We saw what occurred to this defense against the Rams. With guys out of their lanes and over-aggressive, the Rams ran out to a 21-3 lead early. The Eagles can not afford to go down early this Sunday. With a disciplined defense, the Eagles should be able to limit the 49ers offense, and stopping the rushing game will force Nick Mullens to beat the Eagles through the air. The Eagles will deserve to lose if they can't hold Mullens in check.

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