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Keys to the Game: Week 3

Another year, another slow start for the Eagles. For the Eagles to save their 2020 season they MUST WIN this game Sunday. To get a win, these are the three things that need to happen.

Run the Football, and Run it More

In 2019, a year that feels so long ago, the Eagles were 1-2 facing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Thursday Night Football. In that must-win game, the Eagles ran the football 33 times for 176 yards mainly on the back of Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders. Against a Bengals defense that was gashed by the Browns running game last week, the Eagles should get another 30+ rushes this week. This is a Miles Sanders week. Give Sanders more confidence, get the offensive line more confidence, and allow Carson Wentz to settle in.

Disguise Defense, Confuse the Rookie QB

The defense looked awful last weekend. Jim Schwartz took accountability and knows the defense will get better. Schwartz is now served a rookie QB on a silver platter. While Burrow has played like a veteran for his first two games, Schwartz has consistently had success vs rookie QBs. If Fletcher Cox misses this week, that hurts any sort of scheme you put together. However, it may cause Schwartz to play Brandon Graham inside a bit more, allowing for Josh Sweat and Derek Barnett to eat on the outside. The Bengals offensive line is also allowing sacks at a league-worst rate, so disguised pressure should be effective.

Win the Turnover Battle

The defense needs to force a turnover (or several). The Eagles can’t just tie in the turnover battle, they must WIN the turnover battle. Much was spoken of this offseason about the swagger this secondary had. It’s time to show it. The Eagles traded for a shutdown corner in Darius Slay, let’s see a turnover. Preferably, the offense has a 0 turnover game, but the defense must force their first this week against an up and down Bengals offense.

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