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Keys to the Game: Week 17

This is it. It all comes down to this. It’s kinda funny that the season will be decided against the Giants in the Meadowlands. This last month has been amazing with how the young guys have played, while Carson Wentz has been on a tear like we haven’t seen since he was a MVP candidate in 2017. Here is what we have to look at in this matchup to make sure we get in playoffs and maybe make a run.

Put Pressure on Daniel Jones

He looked good last week against the Redskins and has looked like a talented QB this season at points. They cannot let him get lose and get guys like Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard active in the offense. Defensively, the Eagles can shut down this offense as long as they pressure Daniel Jones and don’t let him get comfortable.

Stop Saquon Barkley

Stop him and stop this offense. Simple, right? Stopping him is not so simple. Barkley is by far the most talented running back in the NFL when healthy, and he looked healthy last week. He can absolutely tear up defenses with his amazing combo of speed and power. Fletcher Cox will need to clog up the middle as much as possible and hope for the guys on the outside to make good, clean tackles for all 60 minutes. The defense held Barkley to just 66 yards in the first meeting, but it is hard to stop this guy twice in one season.

Eagles Defense Picks Up Slack on the Road

If they play like they have on the road for the whole season tomorrow, kiss the chance of playoff run goodbye. The Eagles have let up almost 30 points per game on the road this year and have just looked lost and terrible outside of Lincoln Financial Field. They need to turn this issue around and make sure they play a sound game. Don’t blow coverage, hit your gaps, and play with their brains and not get too excited.

I do believe the Eagles can win this game, but we cannot take these Giants lightly. They need to have the mindset that the playoffs started last week and if they lose, they are out.


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