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Keys to the Game: Week 16

This is it. Everything depends upon this game. This will be the most difficult battle the Eagles have had all year, and it won’t be easy. The Dallas Cowboys are coming in mostly healthy and off of a big win against the Rams. Let’s look at what the Eagles need to watch out for in this game to have the best chance to win.

Stop Zeke

The Cowboys offense is most effective when Ezekiel Elliot is running the ball with success. Once they get him going, it’s easier for them to get one of their many receivers open for big plays and that is exactly what they did against the Rams. They pounded the ball over and over and made big plays once the Rams cheated in to stop him. The Eagles need their front four and front seven to really stuff him, and force Dak Prescott to beat them.

No Big Plays Allowed

The Eagles have been getting killed by big plays this year, and there isn’t anyone much better than Amari Cooper in getting big plays. He has dominated the Eagles in his short time with the Cowboys, and the way the secondary has been playing it doesn’t seem like that will change. The only way to stop him from getting lose on a big one is to put as much pressure as possible on Prescott and force either quick or bad throws.

Going for Miles

Miles Sanders needs to be the focal point of the Eagles offense for them to come away with a win. He needs to touch the ball 25-30 times this game to give them a shot. He has shown the last few games how much of a special talent he is, and that he can be “the guy” in the backfield with Boston Scott as a nice change of pace piece to come in once in awhile and give Sanders a breather. Sanders said he will put the team on his shoulders, so the Eagles offense should hop on.

Protect the Ball

If Carson Wentz fumbles again, I may have to throw my tv out the window. He CAN NOT do this in the biggest game of the year. Protect the ball at all costs. There needs to be 0 turnovers and 0 mistakes to win this game. The offensive line needs to block extremely well to give Wentz time, and Wentz needs to be more aware of his surroundings. If a play isn't there, Wentz needs to either put both hands on the ball and accept the sack, or just throw the ball away. If the Eagles can win the turnover battle on Sunday, they will be in good shape.

Rock the Linc

The biggest factor of this game is the fans. The Eagles need the loudest, craziest, most intimidating crowd they have had since the NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys should not even be able to hear themselves think. I expect nothing less from Eagles fans, so let’s all do our part to get this W and get ready to host a playoff game in Week 18.

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