Keys to the Game: Week 14

If this game was being played a few weeks ago, I would say it would be an easy win and we could've even started looking ahead to next week. However, at this point of the season and with the current state of this team, there is nothing that will come easy to the Philadelphia Eagles. This is probably going to be a real rough game to watch as a fan, especially with the weather that is being predicted. The only thing to do is hope that this isn’t going to be the nightmare I think that is going to unfold. Here is what the Eagles need to look out for in Monday Night's game against the New York Giants.

Saquon Barkley

Here is a nightmare matchup. I know the Giants offensive line isn’t great, but Barkley is. I think there could be a lot of issues coming from the Giants backfield against the Birds. Even though they have the 4th-best rushing defense in the NFL, the Eagles have seemed to struggled against the last couple teams with good running backs, so I expect them to struggle against one of the best in the league. The one positive is that if the rain downpours throughout the game, it'll likely come down to the running game of both teams. Jim Schwartz (if he isn't stubborn enough) can add another man in the box to attempt to keep Barkley under control.

Eli Manning

Oh God, the mouth breather is back. I am beyond excited to see the classic “Eli” face when Manning gets smacked around by the Eagles front four. The only worry I have is that the Giants run a quick pass offense that eats up the Eagles secondary and gets the Eagles down early against this awful team. Please do not let this happen, Doug and Jim! Let the cornerbacks play up on the line aggressively and hope the d-line does its job by creating pressure on Eli.

Angry Fans

This is going to be ugly in the crowds. After what could be the worst loss in years from this franchise last Sunday, the fans are certainly not going to be happy. In fact, they'll probably be pretty volatile. If the Eagles start off slow, the home field advantage will turn into what will seem like an angry mob with pitchforks coming after this team. If the Eagles do not have a lead to end the first quarter, expect the stadium to echo with the loudest jeers you have ever heard there. If the team gets off to a great start, that should calm down the fans. Remember, the Birds are just one game back of 1st place, so fans WANT to cheer the team. They just haven't had much to cheer for the past month.


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