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Keys to the Game: Week 13

Well the last two weeks have been nightmares offensively against the Patriots and the Seahawks. The Eagles could not move the ball efficiently either -- the passing game was atrocious and the running game was abandoned in both contests. The Eagles need a game to right the ship, and a matchup against one of the worst teams in the league is just what the doctor ordered. Let’s go into what the Eagles need to do to win against Miami.

Run the ball!!!

I have said this for quite awhile, but to be successful the Eagles NEED to stick with the run game for the ENTIRE game. Miles Sanders has shown that he is an efficient runner and can handle a good-sized workload. Behind this offensive line, Sanders along with Jay Ajayi (and Jordan Howard if he plays) will be great!

Run Clean Routes

The receivers have not run good routes this season, and in turn that has made Wentz look worse than what he actually is. This has been a problem for a few weeks, and this can be either a coaching issue or an issues with the bottom-feeder receivers themselves. If the receivers are able to get themselves open and run clean routes, Wentz can show what he can actually do with competent players on the offense. The way routes are run on Sunday will dictate how the Eagles do in the passing game.

Defense Continues to Ball

The defense has been great the last four weeks, never allowing more than 17 points in any of those games. If they can continue to dominate the way they have (which they should), this will be a great showing. The Dolphins don’t really have great weapons offensively, and they also do not have a great offensive line. There should be a lot of pressure against Ryan Fitzpatrick, which should cause him to make mistakes that the Eagles need to capitalize on and maybe even get points off of directly.



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