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Keys to the Game: Week 12

I really didn’t know how to look at this upcoming game after that horrible showing by the Eagles this past Sunday. They have some serious issues on offense that need to be addressed and that includes players and coaches. However, right now we need to focus on the task at hand and that task is going against a MVP candidate in Russell Wilson. However, after sitting back and thinking about it, I think the Eagles certainly have a chance to win this game. So let’s dive into what the Birds should look for and how they have to perform to come away with an important victory.


The Eagles are clearly a run first team and they need to stay that way. They had some success against the Pats when they ran, but abandoned it way too soon. The way to beat Wilson is to keep the ball out of in his hands. Running the ball will kill more clock and give him less time to make plays. This team has something special in the run game with Howard, Sanders and Ajayi. I would also like to see them run more 2 RB sets like they did with that long Sanders run against the Bills. With them behind this O-Line, there is a good chance for a real big game by the three of them (if Howard is even active).

2. Defense Continue Their Hot Streak

A few weeks ago, if you would have told me the Eagles defense can shut down teams I would have laughed. However, with a lot of the injured players back they look like a top defense in this league now. Teams struggle to run against them, and now their corners can actually cover receivers. This defense is for real and will need to show up big against this Seattle team that Russell Wilson carries.

3. Goedert Going Pay-dirt Aside from a couple of bad drops, Goddert has been doing well this year. He will need to step up again as the Seahawks will likely try to double team Zach Ertz to shut him down. Seeing that the Eagles receivers can not make plays anymore, they will need Goedert to step up and get at least one touchdown to add to his team-lead in touchdown receptions this season. If he plays well, there is a good chance he can be the explosive playmaker on offense and get a win.

This is going to be a tough match-up, but if the Eagles want to keep their hopes for the playoffs, a win Sunday would be a huge help.

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