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Kelly Green Jerseys Might Be Coming Back Sooner Than You Think

Ever since the Philadelphia Eagles gave fans a taste of their throwback kelly green jerseys back in 2010, most fans have been clamoring for the team to bring them back permanently, while others have been more interested in keeping the modern midnight green and all-black jersey combos. Even recently, some players have been getting on the kelly green bandwagon and have been petitioning for the Birds to bring it back.

For the fans that are on the kelly green bandwagon, owner Jeffrey Lurie delivered some promising news last night at the annual league meetings in Phoenix:

The one bump in the road that has been preventing the Eagles from bringing Kelly green back as an alternate jersey has been the league's stance on helmets. At the moment the NFL allows only one helmet to be used throughout a season, so the midnight green helmet would be paired with a kelly green jersey, which isn't aesthetically pleasing. Lurie believes he can get a two helmet rule passed at next year's league meetings.

So when the Eagles open up the 2020 season and unveil their second Super Bowl banner, there is a chance they'll be wearing kelly green...

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