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Keeping Up with Brandon Brooks

Brandon Brooks is taking some much-needed time off to heal from his torn achilles in the Divisional Round against the Saints. However, he has not failed to keep his fans up to date on his everyday adventures. Let's take a look into the current lifestyle of Brandon Brooks through twitter.

The tweets start off normal but don't be fooled.

Pedicure with Brandon Brooks anyone?

I think he meant to say Netflix instead of reading in this tweet.

It didn't take him very long to realize reading was not it.

This is the life I aspire to have, when you can't decide between two things just buy both!

Best pizza in South Jersey? Vito's Pizza in Wenonah

Hit him up on Xbox, he's gonna need some new peeps to play with while all his friends get ready to win another Superbowl next season!

Definition of too much time on your hands.

His cable bill has to be through the roof.

I think a lot of fans would pay money to see 346lb Brooks ride down the street on this bad boy.

He still manages to keep us updated on his recovery despite his switches from PS4 and Xbox and his Netflix binges.

If you don't already, go follow Brooks on twitter for all his latest updates. The city of Philadelphia loves you and your humor on this journey to recovery. Can't wait to see him back and better than ever on the field!



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