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K'Von Wallace Gets Huge Eagle Tattoo

Eagles rookie safety K'Von Wallace hasn't been shy about his excitement about being an Eagle and playing in Philadelphia. After being selected in the fourth round of April's NFL Draft out of Clemson, Wallace's Twitter page has been the foundation for an emerging love affair between player and city with tweets like "Can't wait to go CRZY with the gang" with a green heart and eagle emoji and "I want another ring" among many others.

If a handful of tweets aren't enough to get you excited about Wallace, his mindset, and a potential love affair with the Philadelphia fans, consider some of the quotes Wallace gave CBS Sports' Cody Benjamin early in May. Things like "They (Eagles legends Brian Dawkins and Troy Vincent) made it in Philly and they're legends in Philly because of their heart. And the heart that they have is exactly what Philly fans need. And that's why I feel like I'm a perfect fit as well," and "It's all about being a dog. They go by that dog mentality, and they go out and just work. Everything has gotta be earned. Nothing is given in Philly. The fans are going to be very, very loving and kind and heartwarming to you, and that comes with a lot of cons as well, because if you cross some fans, they're going to let you know how they feel...Playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, man, it's a blessing. Coming from this type of family I have, this type of background I have, the Eagles seems like a perfect fit."

There's a lot to like there, but maybe you're more of an "action over words" kind of person. Well, Wallace has something for you, too. His shoulder and part of his back are now covered by a giant eagle, and Wallace retweeted a photo of the new ink with the caption "Y'all know I gotta represent the gang," again adding a green heart and an eagle emoji.

Wallace proceeded to tell NBC Sports' John Clark that "The Eagles fanbase is the best I've seen. The fanbase is incredible."

In four years at Clemson, Wallace piled up 156 total tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, two sacks, five interceptions, two forced fumbles and a touchdown while playing a key role for one of the most successful college programs of the era. Pro Football Focus ranked Wallace among the biggest steals of the draft, noting that they had him graded as a second-round pick.

Ultimately, Wallace will be judged by his performance on the field. But his mindset and approach are certainly encouraging and seem to be of the type that will produce success both on the field and in a unique sports city like Philadelphia. In addition, it's clear that he is taking the time to understand both the history of the franchise and the mindset of the fans he will be playing in front of, and that's something you love to see. His tattoo is further proof of that.

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