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Jordan Howard Will Be the Key Against a Tough Bills Defense

There is no doubt that the Buffalo Bills have something special brewing this year, starting the season off with a 5-1 record (their lone loss being to the undefeated Patriots). Their offense has been just average so far, but their defense has been the toughest part about them --ranking in the top five overall in the NFL. However, as good as it is there is a weakness the Philadelphia Eagles can take advantage of when the face them on Sunday -- that being their weak rush defense.

The Bills defense may rank high, but against the rush in the league they rank in at 10th. That still puts them in the top 1/3rd in the league, but this Eagles offense needs to exploit any weak link to win this game, and so far that has been their lone "weakness." The Eagles rank at 18th in the league inrushing yards, which is not exactly what I had pictured at the beginning of the season, but this could be the game they unleash Jordan Howard. In order to do so, the offensive line needs to overcome their recent struggles to win their matchups and the running plays called will needs to be plays that create some gaps so Howard can explode through the hashmarks.

Let's take a look at the tape when the Eagles offense looked like a force to be reckoned with earlier this season when Howard was lighting up the Green Bay Packers' good rush defense. The Birds got his best performance of the season so far that game, when he gathered 87 yards and three touchdowns. This is what the Eagles need to get back into their offense.

Even with Carson Wentz under center, the Eagles stand little chance to the Bills defense when it comes to taking it to the air. Right now, the Bills rank fourth in pass yards allowed and third in points allowed, so Wentz is likely going to have a rough time getting the offense that ranks 20th in the league to start moving the chains.

In truth, it is time for the Eagles got what they paid for this offseason in Howard (not that it is his fault in any way thanks to a running back by committee approach). If the Eagles can find a way to get Howard's engine running, this could help the offense have a better chance against the Bills' secondary as they will have to play closer to the line of scrimmage to hold Howard to as few yards possible on the ground. If Howard can’t weaken that Bills' defense, this could make for a very long game for Eagles fans.



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