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Jordan Howard is Emerging as the Lead Back in Philly

The Eagles took care of business against the Jets pretty handily (as they should have). This definitely was not the team's toughest challenge this season, but a very exciting trend continued during this game and that was the frequent involvement of running back Jordan Howard.

At a recent press conference, head coach Doug Pederson declared that Howard is pretty much becoming the lead back. This makes sense since the past two games Howard has had over ten carries in both games and the team all but dominated the Packers and the Jets. Howard has a way of wearing down the defense with his power running and he's tough to stop in the red zone.

Howard getting a majority of the carries is the best thing for Eagles offense because it will take the edge off Carson Wentz which in turn will make the whole offense better and I think Doug Pederson and Duce Staley are starting to realize that. Look for Howard to keep getting the ball more often than any other running back on the roster, especially in the next few games since the schedule is about to hit its hard point.

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