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Jordan Hicks Needs to Show Up in Playoffs

One player that hasn’t shown much of anything since his first two seasons in 2015 & 2016 is Jordan Hicks. His ability to create turnovers poised him to become a game changer at middle linebacker. However, he has struggled to stay healthy in his career, and his rookie contract is up after this season with no guarantee that the Eagles will resign him.

In order to make that happen, Hicks needs to make some monster plays in the playoffs. I want to see at least one takeaway in a crucial moment by 58. Whether the Eagles defense is facing a short field or desperately need a stop, I want Hicks to be the guy who creates the turnover.

Against Chicago, we’ll need our Jordan H to be better than the Bears’ Jordan H — as in Jordan Howard, the powerful runningback who is a big part of Chicago’s offense. If Philly’s front seven can contain Howard, then Chicago will become dependent on the arm of Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky’s numbers are less than stellar, and in today’s NFL, to keep up with the best teams, you need a guy under center who can sling it. Expect Hicks to do his job Sunday against these two if he wants to earn another contract with the Eagles.

He’s been far too quiet and has missed too many games to deserve a long-term deal. If he’s able to disrupt some offenses in the postseason, the Eagles might have a reason to bring him back on a short-term contract in order to prove he can stay healthy and make plays.



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