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Jim Schwartz Officially Announces Exit From Philadelphia

This afternoon Jim Schwartz released a statement that he will be stepping back from day-to-day coaching "for the time being". Schwartz had been the defensive coordinator since his arrival in 2016.

Schwartz received a ton of criticism over the years (some of it being valid), but he didn't really get any of the praise he deserved. Each season, his defenses were around the league average by year's end.

2016: 13th in Yards, 12th in Points/Game

2017: 4th in Yards, 4th in Points/Game

2018: 23rd in Yards, 12th in Points/Game

2019: 10th in Yards, 15th in Points/Game

2020: 19th in Yards, 20th in Points/Game

When the playoffs came around he made sure his unit was focused. Aside from the outlier of Super Bowl LII (33 points allowed), Schwartz's defenses averaged 13.8 points allowed in his other five playoff games.

The Eagles will now have to begin a search for Schwartz's replacement. Will they promote from within? Or will a fresh face be brought in for a new perspective?

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