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Jerry Jeudy's Old Injury Could Mean He Falls Right into the Eagles' Lap

The Eagles may have a chance to draft one of the best receivers in this weekend's draft without having to trade up for him. Many teams are possibly reconsidering their stance of Alabama's Jerry Jeudy after his injury history resurfaced.

Jeudy suffered a meniscus injury and underwent surgery in April of 2018. That does not designate an injury-prone status, but it still might scare away teams that want players with perfect health records. In 2019 he bounced right back from the injury with 77 receptions for 1,163 yards, which shows how hard he worked to come back from that injury and how little it affected him, so there might not be that many teams that throw his name off their draft boards.

He recently got a check-up on April 1st from his doctor to prove he is healthy. The letter is from his doctor, stating that there is no reason to worry about the injury.

Howie Roseman and Carson Wentz will be praying on Thursday for teams to overthink this past injury and let him start to fall right into their laps at the 21st overall pick. Although, there's a chance Jeudy might be a problem for the Eagles, as the number of injuries they have dealt with has fans questioning the medicals staff's abilities. He could end up like the majority of Eagles players from the past three seasons that have old injuries linger and keep them off the field. So do the front office trust the staff enough to handle Jeudy's left knee to make sure he can live up to his potential?

The Eagles can't afford to deal with more injuries, especially at the wide receiver position. I think wherever he ends up, Jeudy will prove he will have no problems with his left knee in the future.

If other teams pass up on this star in the making based on an injury that has not caused any concerns after surgery, then maybe the Eagles will get the chance at one heck of a stud without having to trade up. I know Howie Roseman will be the man to pull something off like this, and we will have to keep his eye on this situation to see if he is somehow able to perform sorcery and get Jeudy wearing midnight green in 2020 and beyond.

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