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Jay Ajayi Will Still Make Bank This Offseason Thanks to Insurance Policy

An important contract-year has come to a premature end for Jay Ajayi. After being placed on Injured Reserve with a torn ACL, Ajayi will be done for the rest of the season, and will most likely hit the open market and become a Free Agent in March. Since he wasn't able to put up big numbers, a long-term contract with big-money doesn't seem in the works now for Ajayi. Luckily for him, he was prepared for this scenario.

Ajayi payed for an insurance policy likely in the neighborhood of $80,000-$100,000 to help protect his value for this next contract. From Ian Rapoport:

"Ajayi was valued as a significant free agent based on the policy. If the injury takes his market down to a point where he would be a lower-level free agent, he can receive a maximum payout $5 million net -- after taxes.

In other words, if Ajayi's free-agent value goes down, the policy will help make up the difference. Let's say he's valued as being able to earn a four-year, $16-million contract before the injury. But now, he ends up earning just $8 million over four years. The policy should end up paying him to make up the difference with $5 million tax-free."

Maybe this policy will end up making it possible for a potential return to the Eagles next season for cheap since Ajayi wants to win more Super Bowls.


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