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Jay Ajayi's Road to Recovery

Jay Ajayi was a solid piece for the Eagles the past two seasons.  On only 115 carries, he collected 592 yards and 4 touchdowns in 11 games as an Eagle.  Unfortunately, Ajayi suffered a season-ending ACL tear in Week 5 against the Vikings. This injury was a big blow to the Eagles,  losing a workhorse running back is never easy. His recovery process seems to be doing well, and is showing his rehab on his Instagram page. Here are some videos he has shared of his recovery this season.

Here is Ajayi just 10 days after the injury. He is on crutches,  his surgery was a success and he was motivated to start his rehab ASAP.

On November 5th (about a month after the injury), Ajayi hopped on the elliptical. He is off crutches and is walking and rehabbing normally.

Two weeks later on November 19th, we see Ajayi holding a football and putting weight down on the knee.

The following week, Ajayi shared a video of him running underwater. This looks harder than you think after coming off an ACL tear.

Fast forward to February 4th (about 5 months after the injury), and you see Ajayi taking his first jumps since the tear.

Fast forward to February 26th, and Ajayi shows himself on a treadmill for the first time since surgery.

The latest update came on March 7th, when Ajayi posted a video of himself running with a football for the first time since October 7th.

While the future for Ajayi in Philadelphia is questionable. We all wish Ajayi for a speedy recovery. Hopefully we will see him back on the field by the start of next year, and possibly back in midnight green.

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