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Javon Hargrave Has Been the Lone Bright Spot so Far in 2021

Everything was looking up after Week 1. With Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith shining against the Falcons it looked like the season would be a lot of fun. Then with the team laying eggs in back-to-back weeks, including an embarrassing loss in Dallas, it's looking like the season might just drag along. Although there has been one bright spot so far this season -- the emergence of Javon Hargrave.

After signing him to a rather large contract in 2020, many fans questioned the move with glaring needs at other positions on the roster. He is proving in 2021 that the deal was worth it, as he has dominated every matchup so far.

In Week 1, Hargrave bullied Jalen Mayfield, racking up 2.0 sacks.

He continued his dominance against the 49ers, but he made his biggest impact this season on MNF against Dallas when he stripped Dak Prescott in the endzone which resulted in an Eagles touchdown.

So far Hargrave has even been better than reigning Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald.

In addition to leading all DTs in sacks, Hargrave also leads all DTs with 5 TFLs (T-3rd overall).

Hargrave is the first NFL defensive tackle to record 15+ tackles and 4.0+ sacks in the first 3 games of the season since Warren Sapp in 1999.

If the entire team doesn't turn around soon, Hargrave may soon be the only reason to turn on the game each Sunday.

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