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Jason Peters Wants to Continue NFL Career

Tonight Jason Peters wrapped up his 16th season in the NFL. The soon to be 38-year-old has no intentions on this playoff loss to the Seahawks being his last career game.

When asked in the locker room after the game about his future, Peters was quick to confirm he has no intentions to retire. The Eagles, however, have not talked to the pending free agent about a contract extension.

He also said that he has no intentions of signing with another team this offseason.

It's unclear what Howie Roseman's plans are for the offensive line, but Peters' comments tonight has given Roseman all the leverage he needs if he does want Peters to return.

After selecting Andre Dillard in the first-round of this past draft, I think it is clear that Dillard is the likely starting left tackle in 2020, so where does that leave Peters? I see two different paths to a potential return to Philadelphia for Peters

1) He accepts a back-up role with no quarrels and accepts the massive payout that comes with it

2) He is okay with moving to another position (like left guard) and competes for a starting job there

There's a chance that Roseman doesn't want to bring Peters back at all, but if he does want #71 back in midnight green, those are the only two realistic options I see happening. So if Peters doesn't accept either option, then we might have seen the last of "The Bodyguard" in tonight's loss.

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