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Jason Peters Shares His Disdain for the Dallas Cowboys

The term "Dallas Hate Week" isn't an exaggeration in the city of Philadelphia. So far there hasn't been a lack of talk about how much the city hates the Cowboys; Jason Kelce and Zach Ertz both gave their thoughts about the hated NFC East rival earlier in the week. Now left tackle Jason Peters has chimed in on what he thinks about "America's Team."

Peters is a native of Queen City, Texas, which is just three hours outside of Dallas. He has been around Cowboys fans a good amount of his life, and has seen that arrogance in person plenty of times. Peters summed things up perfectly in an interview with MMQB this past offseason:

“[People there tell me,] ‘Y’all got lucky.’ I just say, ‘Too bad y’all haven’t been lucky in 20-something years.’ ” 

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