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Jason Kelce Takes Shot at Cowboys Fans

Additional fuel to the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry wasn't really necessary, but today Jason Kelce acted as the kerosene.

On today's 94WIP Morning Show, Kelce was asked for his thoughts about the Cowboys in general, and his answer did not disappoint:

"I would say mostly I just don't think a lot of players, in particular me, just don't really like the franchise, the organization, what is stands for—what it's always stood for. This goes back to the lockout when they were getting replacement players, how outspoken the Dallas Cowboys franchise was in ending that. I've just never really appreciated what the organization—and what its fans really stood for. A lot of fair weather people from across the country that just kind of fell in love because they're winners instead of having any type of emotional connection to the team whatsoever." 

Kelce already cemented his status as a legend in Philadelphia when he gave his epic speechduring the Super Bowl parade, but these comments on Dallas are just icing on the cake.



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