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Jason Kelce Announces He's Playing in 2021

For the past few seasons, Jason Kelce has been mulling retirement. Now with the Eagles heading into a future with much uncertainty, you couldn't blame the 33-year-old if he wanted to call it a career. He's already made $47 Million in his career, and has a Super Bowl ring and multiple All-Pro and Pro Bowl nominations to his credit.

Kelce isn't a quitter though, as today he announced that he renegotiated his contract and will come back for the 2021 season.

The Eagles have holes all over their roster, so it will be comforting for the front office that they won't have to fill a giant gap at center. Now they can focus on addressing other needs for the team and hope to have a competent roster this coming season. Kelce will also have some incentive to keep up his game. If he's able to garner another Pro Bowl nomination along with an All-Pro selection, he will have a serious chance at eventually getting elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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