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Jason Kelce Returning in 2020 Works Out Best for Eagles Future

The Philadelphia Eagles fans received some great news from their star center Jason Kelce about his future this afternoon. After mulling over whether to retire or not, Kelce took to Instagram to state he will be hiking footballs to quarterback Carson Wentz in 2020.

Now that Kelce will be returning for the next season, this allows for the Eagles to draft his eventual replacement. This will give time for the next center to adjust to the league, as well as, more importantly, learn from one of the best centers to ever play the game.

This is great news for both the team and fans because Kelce is like a fine wine who only has gotten better through the years. In fact, in 2019 Kelce was selected for his third pro-bowl appearance. For a center, to get that kind of constant recognition is impressive.

His position is important, but many fans could care less who their team center is (much less know their name). Kelce changed that for Eagles fans not just by hiking the ball to whoever was under center, but would be downfield making crucial blocks for the running back like he was rolling out the red carpet. Just take a look for yourself at what he does on a regular basis below.

He was drafted in 2011 in the sixth round and was told he was too small to be a center by the critics. Kelce fit the Eagles' offensive gameplans perfectly, and his underdog proved himself that much tougher than other centers around the league.

Kelce was a main factor in the Birds winning their first Super Bowl, playing the best football of his career in 2017. So to have someone on the field with that experience will not only be great for the next center, but for the current team in 2020. Kelce is a team captain and the glue that holds the offense together as well as the entire locker room. He will play an important role if the Birds want to make it back to the playoffs once again this upcoming season.

After Kelce got married and had his first child last season, I was not expecting him to return, but Kelce still feels he has unfinished business. Playing through injuries and coming home to a newborn is a lot to handle for Kelce, so it is a little surprising he is determined to play football again. I am not expecting him to slow down at all though, if anything it seems he will be more focused and determined to show he still has something left to offer.

Kelce is a key reason the Eagles have had the best offensive line for years. Even though he is 32 years old, I know there isn't any other center I would want to protect Wentz. That being said, this will most likely be Kelce's last season. It just doesn't feel likely that a guy contemplating retirement since 2018 will play in 2021. His replacement will have some big shoes to fill because Kelce wasn't just the center, but a captain who was the glue of the team and everyone's favorite Mummer. So keep your eyes glued on number 62 this season he certainly won't disappoint you, and hope the team finds the best possible replacement.


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