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Jarvis Landry or Draft a Receiver? One of These Has to Happen This Offseason

Eagles wide receivers, even the ones that went down this season, really leave a lot to be desired. If I had to pick, the only wide receivers on the team that are worth keeping at all in my opinion are Greg Ward Jr. and maybe DeSean Jackson if he can get healthy and stay healthy in 2020.

I would really like to see the Eagles take a guy like Ceedee Lamb from Oklahoma. Lamb has speed that can turn him into a stellar receiver at the next level. Outside of the opening game of 2019 with DeSean Jackson in the lineup, the offense has lacked speed down the field, and have had to rely on the short-game to earn wins. Lamb would be an almost perfect addition to this Eagles offense, and would likely make some immediate impact in 2020.

The draft can go either way, but another option for the Eagles could be an offseason trade with the Cleveland Browns regarding Jarvis Landry. After the end of the Browns game vs Arizona Cardinals in Week 15, Landry was reportedly yelling at the Cardinals sideline saying "come get me". A guy like that could work wonders on a team like the Eagles -- he's got great hands and after catch ability, and most of all he makes himself available in the red zone. That is the kind of the Eagles need and especially the kind of guy Carson Wentz needs.

We've been seeing more and more what I've seen for myself all along: Carson Wentz is an elite talent. He has been playing well despite everything wrong that has been going on with that team. He never stops trying and he doesn't give up. Sometimes that gets him into trouble on the field, but with a better core around him he won't need to hold the ball so long and risk taking sacks and getting stripped. So this offseason the Eagles need to get aggressive and either land a known commodity like Jarvis Laundry, or try to get a speed receiver early in the draft (doing both of those things is also on the table).

I get the feeling that we will see the Eagles make the necessary changes needed at the wide receiver position this offseason. Things are going to start looking really good for Carson Wentz and the Eagles, and I think all the Wentz doubters and haters will see the light and eat their words.

Which of these potential offseason moves would you prefer the Eagles make? Vote in our poll!

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