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Jalen Reagor Shows Promise in Debut

That game yesterday was ugly. An absolutely disgraceful showing from the offense against a team with no name, but that'll be covered in another article. There were very few bright spots in Washington, and Jalen Reagor's first (and only) reception was the brightest.

On paper, it doesn't look like the greatest debut ever - 1 reception for 55 yards - but we saw everything we wanted to in this single reception. The kid has speed, he is faster than that 4.4 he ran at the combine. He blew past the CB (old "fan favorite" Ronald Darby). His ball tracking skills are good, better than what people expected. That was a hard catch to make, and he made it. Last year, that ball is more than likely dropped, but not this year.

Pessimists will argue he only had one reception, but Carson Wentz was not on par in this game. You could tell 60% of the o-line being out was affecting him, and there was no letting the play develop beyond the 1.2 seconds it took Washington's d-line to get into the backfield.

I know, it is only one game, and a loss at that, but this kid is going to be ok. I am excited for when Lane Johnson and Miles Sanders get back. Wentz (and in turn Reagor) will get better with them on the field. Just y'all wait and see, this guy was the right pick.

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