Jalen Mills Calls Out 'Fake Eagles Fans'

Jalen Mills had a disastrous game against the Buccaneers. He was beat deep by DeSean Jackson on this first play of the game, and was bullied by Mike Evans for most of the rest of the game.

Mills took to social media after the game and told fans that he sees their backlash of him.

Today Mills took a step further and called out Eagles fans, saying that most of the fans bad-mouthing him and the team are fake fans.

Hopefully Mills' production on the field picks up. The Eagles will play the Colts and Titans the next two weeks. T.Y. Hilton and Corey Davis should be easier for Mills to contain after facing the likes of Julio Jones and Mike Evans. If Mills fails to pick up the slack, backlash from fans might end up becoming a big distraction for him.


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