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Jake Elliott Has Been Mr. Consistant So Far

There has been a Philadelphia Eagle who has been flying under the radar this season, and soaring as high as ever. Now it may be best that we are not hearing his name brought up often, but Jake Elliott has been phenomenal so far in 2019. Now I know talking about kickers is not all that exciting, but his previous two years he had some inconsistencies with hitting the long field goals while missing some chip shots. The fact he is turning into "Mr. Consistant" is something to be joyous about, because his consistency means there are more points being put up on the scoreboard.

On field goal attempts he is at 100% after making all 12 attempts this season. In 2017 and 2018 he kicked the same amount of field goals (31) and made the same amount of them (26), leaving him with 83.9% for both seasons. So he is on pace to make a career-low, but he is also on pace to not leave any three-point opportunities off the board, which is very crucial for an Eagles offense that hasn't been as explosive as years past.

Even though he has been money on field goals this season, he has gone down percentage-wise when it comes to extra points. In 2017 he hit on 92.9% of his extra points, and improve those numbers with a 94.3% success in 2018. But so far in 2019 has slid down to 90.9% and is on pace to miss the most extra points he's ever kicked (four). You can't really blame him there though, because he is near the league-wide average for successful extra point percentage (93.3% so far in 2019). Extra points are no longer a given since the beginning of the 2015 season the NFL pushed them back from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line, so a 90.9% isn't necessarily concerning. The season is not over yet though so I look forward to seeing where these numbers ends up and if he can make sure he doesn't have a career-low extra point percentage.

So a kicker may not get the most love, but he is very important in this team sport. Let's take a moment for Eagles fans to walk down memory lane with everyone's favorite field-goal (his rookie record and Eagles record 61-yarder against New York in 2017) as a thank you to Elliott for striving to do his best, and for being perfect so far this year.

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