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It's Time To Let J.J. Arcega-Whiteside Loose

It's starting to feel like 2016 again (or basically the entire early-2000s), because the Philadelphia Eagles have a crisis on their hands with their wide receivers. Both Nelson Agholor (knee) and Alshon Jeffery (ankle) are questionable for Sunday's game. If both players are healthy, I still think moving forward a new line up of Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Matthews, and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside could be successful. This move would benefit the growth of a young player like Arcega-Whiteside, and get him some chemistry with Carson Wentz

Agholor's "knee" injury stems from when he banged his knee on the potential game-tying touchdown pass against the New England Patriots. Whether it is real injury or the pressure got to him from his dropped passes this season, this may be a chance for Arcega-Whiteside to take over on the outside and get a lot of playing time, while also allowing a player like Matthews get more time in the slot where he plays best.

If you think back to preseason you will remember this year's 2nd-round draft pick being stellar. However, that was with backup quarterbacks throwing to him, as Wentz did not play during that time. So these two have not gotten a real chance to connect with each other outside of the handful of practice reps they get with each other each week. I think it's essential for his growth that they let him play out this season so we can see what the Eagles have at the receiver position moving forward.

Arcega-Whiteside did get a starting chance last week and made a pretty good catch with four minutes left in the game for the team's longest play of the game (30 yards).

The Eagles must find out just what exactly they got out of this draft pick and how crucial a need the wide receivers will be for next year's draft. Eagles fans all thought he could step right into this offense and be a red-zone threat, but so far he only has three catches for 43-yards.

No other player *cough* Mack Hollins *cough* has stepped up to show why they should get more snaps over him. I say what do the Eagles have to lose? We are almost three quarters of the way through the season, and the pass offense has been abysmal. They need to shake things up, and this is certainly a chance to make things happen for a struggling offense for a team still trying to fight for a playoff spot.

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