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It Appears the XFL Has Philadelphia in its Sight for Future Expansion

The newest version of the XFL is officially off and running, and so far the reviews have been mainly positive. The combination of watching the innovative league as well as no Eagles football has Eagles fans craving an XFL team in the city of Philadelphia in the future. Lucky for Birds fans, the league appears to want to place a future expansion team in the City of Brotherly Love.

Back in 2018 when the league was still getting set up, they initially registered 21 cities with XFL domain names; Philadephia was one of those cities that they reserved a domain for. It's not known if Philly was in their plans for their initial eight-city inaugural kickoff, or if Philly was always going to be a goal for their future expansions.

As the league dives deeper into their regular season and gets a better idea of their success and future plans, it's likely that they will be in talks with city officials to figure out the logistics of adding a second football team to this football-crazed town. There are plenty of stadium options for the league to select from in and around the city, including Lincoln Financial Field, Franklin Field, Citizens Bank Park, and the newly-named Subaru Park.

It's still too early for eager fans to get their hopes up, but this is good news for anyone in Philadelphia who wants to watch winter-spring football. For the time being, fans can follow along with our weekly updates on how former Eagles players are performing in this new league.

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