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Is Miles Sanders the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Going back to my Studs and Duds from Week 16 article, Miles Sanders has been special since Jordan Howard went down in Week 9. He not only stepped up in a next man up mentality, he took the reins completely and dominated the last couple teams as if he were in the league for a few years and a perennial All-Pro. He has been the best running back the Eagles have had since LeSean McCoy. He does it all on the field, and has made a solid case not only to be the premier back for this team, but also to be in competition for 2019’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.

He does have some stiff competition for the trophy, but I think I can make a good enough argument for him to be ROY over some of the top candidates. The top candidate right now for this award is Raiders running back Josh Jacobs. I won’t lie, Jacobs has been really good this year. He is a very good stereotypical running back of just pounding forward and then powering past them with speed. He has 1,150 rushing yards and seven touchdowns, with an additional 166 receiving yards leading to a total of 1,316 scrimmage yards. That is an awesome year for a 'back, and especially one that has dealt with a broken shoulder for the past few weeks and even played some games with it.

Sanders this year has 766 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns, with also another 510 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns -- a total of 1,276 scrimmage yards and 6 total touchdowns. After next week, I feel it is safe to say he will pass Jacobs in scrimmage yards and hopefully in touchdowns. However, I do not think stats should dictate this award. When looking at Sanders' play as a starter against Jacobs as a starter, Sanders is definitely the more well-rounded player and has the better chance at a more successful career barring any injuries.

There are some other names such as Kyler Murray, Gardner Minshew, Terry McLaurin, and AJ Brown. However, based on total season stats and how Sanders has played the last month and a half, I think it’s now a two horse race with him and Jacobs. If Jacobs misses Week 17 with his shoulder injury and Sanders has a big showing against the Giants (and former Penn State teammate Saquan Barkley), he has a very solid chance at passing Jacobs and be seen by voters as the Offensive Rookie of the Year for 2019.

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