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Is Marcus Mariota Finally Philly Bound?

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Oregon could be heading to the Eagles to serve as a backup to Carson Wentz.

Mariota has spent the past five seasons with the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South, but he has fought injuries since he was drafted back in 2015. This past season, Mariota lost his starting job to Ryan Tannehill, which led to Mariota officially no longer being considered the Titans' franchise quarterback.

The Eagles current quarterback, Carson Wentz, started every game last season until he took a vicious and dirty hit from Jadaeveon Clowny in the wildcard round against the Seattle Seahawks. Wentz was replaced by Josh McCown, who has played for what feels like almost every team in the NFL. McCown showed his capabilities, but the Birds ended up falling short to the Seahawks. That game showed me that not every backup is Nick Foles, and can't dig Wentz out of holes every time that Wentz is hurt.

When Chip Kelly was the Eagles head coach, there were constant rumors that during the 2015 offseason that the Eagles were going to trade up to the second overall pick in the draft to select Mariota. The Birds were running the exact offense that Mariota was used to playing in at Oregon, and it would have been a Ducks reunion in Philly for sure. Who knows how that would have turned out for Kelly, maybe he would still be in Philadelphia today with Mariota running the show, or maybe they would both be out of town and the Eagles still having to look for a franchise quarterback and a Super Bowl title.

Mariota is the type of athlete that can fit into any offense if he needed to be pressed into play due to a starting quarterback's injury. Although, Mariota has been injury-prone as well his entire career. If the Eagles signed Marcus Mariota, can their offensive line be dominant enough to keep the Hawaiian backup healthy? If I am Howie Roseman, I would be careful about this decision because it would be incredibly risky having only two quarterbacks on the roster and both of them being injury-prone.

I live three hours away from Nashville, and I hear all about the Titans. Even when Mariota was healthy before Tannehill became the starter, their fans always held their breaths because they lived in fear of Mariota getting hurt. I'm not saying that I don't want Marcus Mariota as the backup to Wentz. I just think it would be risky because #11 has trouble staying healthy himself. Still, I am not the general manager, so it is Howie Roseman's decision, but it will be a risky and difficult one to make.


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