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Incompetence From Other GMs Putting Eagles in Driver's Seat

When Howie Roseman made his triumphant return as General Manager once Chip Kelly was shown the door, he was a changed man. Roseman spent his time away from football study elite teams across all sports and finding the perfect way to pick his team. He placed heavy emphasis on analytics to improve decision-making processes, and that change in philosophy is what led to the Eagles achieving their first Super Bowl victory last February. Even though the Eagles had an early exit from the 2019 Playoffs, some new rumors developing make it sound like the Eagles have an extremely bright future ahead of them.

According to NFL draft insider Tony Pauline, some general managers and scouting departments around the NFL are "starting to detest" using analytics as a means of evaluating and decision-making. Scouts and coaches Pauline spoken to since the East-West Shrine All-Star game last week still believe that analytics has "little to do with Xs and Os as well (as) the work ethic and personality of players or the ability of prospects to fit a specific position."

Of course this is all hearsay, but if this becomes a trend around the NFL, Howie Roseman will have the Eagles with a decided advantage over competition for the foreseeable future.

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