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In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Brent Celek...

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Over 11 seasons with the Eagles, Brent Celek endeared himself to Philadelphia fans with his tough, steady play, compiling 398 receptions for 4,998 yards and 31 touchdowns along the way and taking a turn as the longest tenured athlete in Philadelphia. He was always willing to do whatever was necessary to help the team win, whether that was blocking, mentoring teammates or providing invaluable leadership.

With his time with the Eagles over, Celek is still finding ways to make fans smile, as evidenced by his interview with 97.5 The Fanatic on Friday. Celek was asked about the possibility of playing for the rival Cowboys. "Hell no. Do you think I would play for the Cowboys? Philly is my home," Celek said. "If they offered me 10 million, I still wouldn't go."

While taking a shot at the Cowboys always plays well in Philadelphia, Celek’s elaboration on his future got to the heart of his relationship with the city. "I think I'm leaning more toward retirement," Celek said. "I've had a few offers, but none of them are worth leaving a city that I have been in for 11 years where I won the Super Bowl in my final year. It wouldn't feel right to put another uniform on."

Philadelphia has the ability to develop pretty special relationships with its athletes when things click and Celek’s comments capture that perfectly.

To Brent Celek, thank you for 11 incredible years and best of luck in whatever the future may hold. Who knows, maybe Celek comes back to work for the Eagles someday.

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