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Impact Plays Of The Week: Eagles Trio Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive

With the Philadelphia Eagles trying to keep their playoff hopes alive against the rival Washington Redskins, they needed to put something special together to show they deserve to win the NFC East. A trio of players on the offense (Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, and Miles Sanders) kept that hope alive by making several impact plays in Sunday's win.

This game seemed to be heading towards a nightmare scenario, as the Eagles secondary allowed a rookie quarterback and wide receiver to walk all over them. immediately after scoring a field goal on offense, the Eagles lead vanished after they let Terry McLaurin score a 75-yard touchdown.

The Eagles were able to overcome the poor play of the defense with some impact plays on offense.

Let's start with Carson Wentz, who may have struggled at times this season, but with everything that has happened to this offense he has not given up. He finished this game with a QB rating of 109.3, 266 passing yards and three touchdowns. His impact play was his great throw to Greg Ward for the game-winning touchdown. The throw was to the outside, so only Ward could successfully grab it.

Another big impact play was from Zach Ertz, who has drawn a lot of the attention this season with the Eagles not having any star receivers on the field. There is no one I would trust more than Ertz to handle the pressure and make big catches to keep this offense dominating. Ertz had five catches for 61 and a touchdown, and he found himself wide open in the 4th Quarter on the goal line to get his score.

Then that leaves me to Miles Sanders, who has not only topped my expectations for him, but he has also shown there's no ceiling to his capabilities to deliver for this team. He managed to have his most yards in a game this season (122 rushing) with one touchdown, but he also helped in the receiving game, adding 50 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown. His receiving touchdown was, in my opinion, the biggest impact play of the game.

The pass itself from Wentzwas just a bullet to Sanders, I mean looking at this just amazes me. So credit goes to Wentz, but Sanders deserves credit for the catch too, I am surprised his hands didn't break from the speed of the throw.

This trio on offense showed that they are not waiting for someone else to make impact plays, they are stepping up and making it themselves. They stepped up huge in a game that I was expecting to end badly and rip our playoffs hopes to shreds. Hopefully, they can keep this momentum gained from the last two games going into this Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

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