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Impact Play of the Week: Eagles Defense Springboards Boston Scott's Big Game

The Eagles Impact Play of the Week from their Week 17 performance stems from the combination of Malcolm Jenkins and Fletcher Cox, who together swung the momentum in the Eagles' favor and helped the team clinch the NFC East.

It was a tied game early in the 4th quarter with the Giants backed up into their territory, when Daniel Jones mishandled the snap from his center. Jones was able to recollect the ball briefly, but Jenkins then swooped in for the sack and knocked the ball out of Jones' hands. As the ball was rolling around on the ground for what seemed like forever, finally Cox dove on to the ball to give the Eagles offense 1st-and-goal from inside the five-yard line.

The amazing opportunity presented to the offense did not go wasted, as Boston Scott made sure that the Eagles would get a touchdown off of this turnover. Scott needed just one play to find his way into the endzone for the second time at this point to take the lead.

On the ensuing Giants drive, the Eagles defense kept momentum on their side by forcing a turnover on downs. Scott sealed the deal when he scored a third touchdown immediately after making a big play on his 39-yard reception.

This is what needs to happen if the Eagles want to make it through the playoffs instead of getting slaughtered on the first playoff game like all the Eagles critics are saying. They will need both the offense and defense firing on all cylinders and keep momentum in their favor

There are no more redos at this point, it's all or nothing. The Eagles new shirts say "the NFC East is not enough", and that is exactly the mentality they need to bring to these playoff games. They might have to be underdogs once again, but they have done it before. So with all these injuries piling up, let's see if they can do it again like they did in 2017. Fly Eagles Fly...

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