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If You Think Carson Wentz Has Played Poorly in 2019, I've Got Bad News for You...

After back-to-back losses against the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions, the trolls came out in full force with their claims that everything has been Carson Wentz's fault so far in 2019 and that the Eagles kept the wrong quarterback this offseason (even though Nick Foles is the one with a serious injury already, but I digress...). Thankfully after a three touchdown performance against the Green Bay Packers last Thursday that rambunctious crowd has seemed to settle down and crawl back to their holes.

With most teams through 1/4th of their schedules, it's time to check just how Carson Wentz compares to his peers. According to Pro Football Focus, Wentz has been the best quarterback in the NFL through the first four weeks of the season.

It's amazing to think about considering someone like Patrick Mahomes has been scorching defenses all season. Even though it's a positive to see Wentz on top of this list, you have to take PFF's grading scale with a grain of salt. They are claiming Ronald Jones has been the best running back this season even though he is 17th in rushing yards and has just one touchdown.

Hopefully the fans who aren't on the Wentz Wagon calm down and stay calm the rest of the season and watch Wentz perform without blinders on. If he continues playing the way he has been I have no doubt he'll be selected to his second career Pro Bowl, and maybe even selection to his first All-Pro team.

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