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Hypothetical Trades for Carson Wentz Are Now Becoming a Thing

Updated: May 2, 2019

As the Eagle go marching down to New Orleans this weekend to play the New Orleans Saints, more and more people seem to be hopping off the "Wentz Wagon" and believing more in "St. Nick". Even if the Eagles falter on Sunday and their season ends, Nick Foles has done enough in this stint to cause a discussion among fans and media about the future at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some people are getting a head start on hypothetical trades involving the Eagles QBs, and published an article yesterdaydetailing a trade that could involve Carson Wentz heading out to Denver. Here is what they are predicting would be enough for Howie Roseman to pull the trigger on trading his franchise quarterback:

"Denver sends Von Miller and 2019 and 2020 1st round picks to Philadelphia for Carson Wentz.

John Elway can stop swinging and missing in the draft and free agency seeking a QB. Carson Wentz was headed toward an MVP in 2017 before a knee injury. His injury history will concern Broncos fans, but what’s the alternative? The Eagles have two defensive ends who are free agents in 2019 (Graham, Long) and a lot of other defensive contributors who could hit the market. The idea of Fletcher Cox and Von Miller on the same defensive line is terrifying. They get a Super Bowl MVP who still has prime years left, the #10 pick in this year’s draft, and of course a 2020 1st (guessing it’ll be between 15-25). There is an out in Miller’s contract after 2019, which would free up salary cap money to keep a Top 5 roster flush with talent. Or they restructure. Also, you wonder if trading Wentz would enable them to roll with Foles – maybe at a discount. There would be no discount for Wentz."

Seeing Miller in an Eagles jersey would have fans drooling, but at the same time it still doesn't feel like enough for the Eagles to want to give up Wentz. Howie Roseman invested a lot of draft capital for his guy, so he would likely need something more than what is being spitballed here for him to say goodbye to Wentz. Now if this was a hypothetical for Nick Foles, Roseman wouldn't think twice about saying yes to that. If everyone is starting to say that Foles is just as good (or maybe even better than) Wentz, then why wouldn't this trade be just as enticing for the Broncos?

The Broncos feel that they are a QB away from becoming real contenders, so the Eagles can take advantage of their surplus at the position and get a lot in return from Denver if they would want Foles or Wentz.

When the offseason comes around for Philadelphia, there is gonna be a lot of rumors and hypotheticals involving both of these quarterbacks.

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