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Howie Roseman Is Missing Out on Talented Wide Receivers

As free agency dwindles with pretty much all of the big-named players already taken, Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman stood by and allowed talented wide receivers like DeAndre Hopkins to be whisk away without a fight. While Roseman seems to be contempt in sitting back and letting the dire situation on the Eagles receiving core just work itself out, I can't help but worry about the lack of effort to make a big move at a position of dire need.

Recently, Roseman made a statement on the situation of not making a move on a playmaking wide receiver in the free agency, stating "We view our receiver situation differently than the public." He said that they didn't have the benefit of 20-20 hindsight in how the free agent market unfolded". This sounds to me that they had no intention of making a splash and are content with the "talent" they have coming back. That attitude made the Eagles miss out on some talented ball players that would have improved the receiving core to a whole nother level. The first name that comes to mind is former Houston Texan DeAndre Hopkins, who is one of the best in the game right now.

The Texans traded Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals for an ole busted up running back David Johnson and a second-round draft pick, which is basically for a pack of gum for the value that they gave away. Roseman said he was aware the Texans were interested in hearing inquiries of their star player.

After Roseman lost out on that deal, I was expecting him to take the next best option and make an offer to the Minnesota Vikings for star receiver Stefon Diggs. Instead, Diggs got traded to the Buffalo Bills for a first-round pick and swapping of some late-round picks. Even though this was a steeper price, it was yet another missed opportunity that I thought would have been acceptable to make.

Then the next to go was speedy receiver Robby Anderson from the New York Jets, who I felt was another good fit that could have saved the Eagles offense. Once again, Roseman just seemed to have let Anderson slip right by. Out of the previously mentioned receivers, Anderson would have been the most affordable of the big-name receivers and wouldn't have cost any draft picks (just a bit of cap space). Instead, he will be making plays for the Carolina Panthers as he reunited with his former college head coach Matt Rhule.

While they didn't make a big move in free agency for a receiver, the Eagles still have options left and moves to make with the draft approaching next month. As Eagles fans, you either love what Roseman is doing, or you are skeptical of the moves he makes. Time will tell whether the Birds missed out on what could have been, or maybe Roseman knew what he was doing or just lucked out by not making a big-money move.



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