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How Can the Eagles Maximize Miles Sanders' Productivity?

Back in 2017, Miles Sanders backed up Saquan Barkley at Penn State, and while he was never going to outshine Barkley (but let's be honest who really can), Sanders made his impact when it was his time to shine in 2018 and thus earned his second round pick status in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Since the beginning of the season, Sanders hasn't really made as big as an impact that most fans and media were expecting him to make. I'm not entirely sure what the Eagles organization was expecting with Sanders, but I fear they may be missing the point of his selection. So far Sanders has been on the field for just 41% of the offensive snaps this season. On top of that, the Eagles are giving him the ball in between the tackles far too often. Sanders isn't the pure runner that Jordan Howard is, but he is by far the better receiving back. I'm not saying make Sanders a full out wide receiver, but I think he can make a lot more of an impact if he was used like Darren Sproles was used the past few seasons in Philadelphia, or similar to how Duke Johnson Jr. was used in Cleveland. These backs take handoffs from time to time, but they always did their best work on screens or in the passing game.

I believe Sanders has a lot of potential to make an impact for years to come, but he needs to start being used more properly. In a committee paired up with a pure runner like Howard, Sanders can really help keep a defense off balance and provide an option for the Carson Wentz to get some much needed yards and some much needed movement for the offense. I would definitely like to see Sanders run some bubble screens or maybe even spread out wide in the slot from time-to-time. Let the young man use his good hands and quick feet to make people miss in the open field. If the Eagles can add Sanders into the passing game consistently, they could really save him from falling into obscurity.

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