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Here’s One Major Silver Lining In The Eagles’ Struggles

Let’s rewind and say the Eagles hit their stride after their bye week and beat the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas would’ve been 3-6, and who knows if Jerry Jones, at that point, would finally have been fed up with Jason Garrett? Would he have fired him on the spot after losing a huge divisional game to their biggest rival? We’ll never know, but it’s something to wonder.

That obviously isn’t what happened, though, as the Eagles couldn’t stop Ezekiel Elliot, and Dallas ran away with the victory....for now.

Dak Prescott looked pretty good against a banged up Philadelphia secondary, and Dallas’ offensive front protected him as if they weren’t without All-Pro center Travis Frederick or even Zack Martin, who was sidelined for a bit during the game. And that’s the silver lining for this game.

Prescott looked like a decent starter again — feeding off the energy and success of Elliot. How long can they actually keep that up? The third year quarterback simply isn’t a true franchise quarterback in the NFL, regardless of what delusional Cowboys fans will try to tell you.

Prescott and Garrett are so undeniably and unsustainably dependent on the success of Elliot. I can’t wait to see Jerry Jones commit to both the QB and head coach long-term — it’s going to end up being arguably the worst move in Dallas’ history and only assists the Eagles in firmly grasping hold of the NFC East for years to come.

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