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Help Needed: Eagles Cornerback Room

Let's be honest, is anybody really surprised? The Eagles have had great rosters year in and year out every season since Howie Roseman regained control, but they can't shake this cornerback curse. We have been graced with the likes of Eric Allen and Troy Vincent, to Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown, but now we are left with Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills in the secondary. What went wrong?

There is no denying it, they are the weakest unit on the team. To Howie's credit, he has tried to fix it. The Eagles have drafted Jalen Mills (2016 7th Round), Sidney Jones IV (2017 2nd Round), Rasul Douglas (2017 3rd Round), and Avonte Maddox (2018 4th Round), while also trading for Ronald Darby in 2017. But injuries and inconsistent play have derailed all of those players atleast once. He has tried midseason additions as well, which is where fan favorite Cre'Von LeBlanc (who is also injured) came from. But it is a merciless cycle that seems to have no end.

It is obvious teams are attacking the weak point of the Eagles. They have allowed a 100 yard receiver every game this season, while averaging 323.75 passing yards allowed per game. With the defensive line struggling to get any push, they desperately need this secondary to step up more than ever. Carson Wentz and the offense cannot bail out the defense every game.

So where do we go from here? The team just resigned Orlando Scandrick, but let's be honest, that is just a temporary patch. I know fans won't agree, but Jalen Mills returning some time around the Minnesota game will be huge for this team, but he is no Asante Samuel himself. Jalen Ramsey is still available, but with every passing day it seems less likely the Jaguars will part with him, and would Howie really be willing to give up two 1st Round picks for him? Or do they make a push for a guy like Xavien Howard on the Dolphins?

We will have to wait and see what Howie does in the next couple of weeks. Maybe, just maybe, Schwartz will change up on defense. Until then, we can expect 100 yard receivers every week until help is found. Look on the bright side, you can never go wrong with starting the opposing #1 WR.

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