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Golden Tate May End Up Being a Free Rental for Eagles

When the Eagles traded for Golden Tate this afternoon for a 3rd-round pick, some people thought it was a good trade for fair value, others believed that a 3rd-round pick for a 30-year-old wide receiver is too much to give up. A case can be made for both sides, but Howie Roseman may have ended up getting Tate from the Detroit Lions virtually for free.

A lot goes into the compensation-pick formula. As long as Golden Tate signs a relatively big contract in the offseason with another team, along with the Eagles not signing anyone in Free Agency to a big-money deal, they should at least get a 4th-round pick back for losing Tate in the offseason. If they are able to get a 3rd-round pick in compensation for Tate leaving, then Roseman would have gotten basically a free rental for an explosive Wide Receiver.

It could be argued that a 2020 draft pick could be more valuable than a 2019 draft pick for the Eagles. Carson Wentz will likely be receiving his mega-contract extension either in 2020 or 2021, and when that new contract kicks in it might cripple the Eagles salary cap. The Eagles will need to rely on production from draft picks with cheap rookie deals to help the Eagles stay competitive, rather than being able to shop for free agents.

With the updated news of the Eagles likely to receive a compensation in the future for Golden Tate, it's hard not to like this trade.

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