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Golden Tate Didn't Know His Assigned Route on Game-Winning TD

Even though a lot of attention has fallen on the double-doink, a lot of the credit for the Eagles' comeback win over the Bears in the Wildcard Round falls on Nick Foles and Golden Tate.

On 4th and Goal, Nick Foles rolled out to his right and found Golden Tate at the front of the endzone to put the Eagles up 16-15. When Tate got back to the sideline after his touchdown catch, he admitted to his teammates, including Carson Wentz, that he didn't know his route.

I guess we got to cut Tate some slack even if he didn't know what he was doing initially, because he ended up doing the right route in the end and caught the pass. That play the Eagles ran on 4th and goal was actually the same play Nick Foles ran back in 2012 on the final play of the game to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But now we might need to re-ask the question: was the trade worth it?

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