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Giants Players Throw Hissyfits as They Watch Their Playoff Hopes Get Crushed

The best part of the Eagles' disastrous 2020 season was that they controlled the destiny of all three divisional opponents in Week 17. A New York Giants victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the early window meant that the Giants had to actively root for the Eagles to pull off a moot victory over the Washington Football Team in order for the Giants to win the division.

Doug Pederson decided to actively tank in the second half of the game. Throwing Nate Sudfeld in at quarterback led to two turnovers and zero points scored after halftime. Throughout the entire second half, Giants players voiced their frustration on Twitter and threw some temper tantrums in the process.

The moral of this story? Win more than six games so that you don't have to rely on a team that literally had no motivation to play competitively in their Week 17 game.

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