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Giants Game a Perfect Opportunity to Turn Things Around For Eagles

There are a few reasons why the Eagles could turn everything around on Thursday night.

Eli Manning

Manning has shown the Giants front office that deciding to have faith in him instead of drafting a potential franchise quarterback with the second overall pick in the 2018 Draft was a bad decision. He is a shell of his former self, and is easily one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the entire NFL. The Eagles secondary has been getting burnt on middle and long throws in most of their games, but with Manning in charge this could be a prime game for the Eagles secondary to collect their bearings and shut down the Giants passing game.

Eagles Pass Rush vs. Giants Offensive Line

The Eagles as a team only have 12 sacks in their five games this season. The pass rush this season was supposed to be one of the team's strengths, and so far pretty much all players outside of Fletcher Cox has underachieved at pressuring the quarterback. The Giants' offensive line has given up 16 sacks, which is tied for the 8th most allowed in the NFL. The Eagles need to take advantage of playing against one of the weaker offensive lines in the league and put pressure on Eli Manning. Last season the Giants' offensive line was so atrocious that the offensive game plan for the Giants when they played the Eagles was to throw slant routes the entire game because the Eagles pass rush was getting to the backfield in split seconds. This could end up being the Giants' game plan once again, which would help the Eagles secondary out since the secondary has been having problems with getting burnt deep in the passing game.

Rainy Game

The weather forecast for Thursday at MetLife Stadium is showing that there will be rain and possible thunderstorms though most of, if not all of, the game. Games with a lot of rain usually result in less passing plays, and more rushing plays. Right now the Eagles have the 11th best rushing offense in the league (4.4 YPC) and the Giants rushing offense is ranked 23rd (3.9 YPC), even thought they have an elite running back in Saquon Barkley. The Eagles offense needs to use this rainy weather to their advantage and run the ball early and often. The Eagles currently ranked as the second-best rush defense in the NFL, and should be able to contain Barkley enough to help lead the Eagles to their third victory of the season.

Momentum in Divisional Race

After losing their past two games, it's obvious the team will have enough motivation to come into this game looking to snap the losing streak. Add to the fact that this game will be the first divisional matchup, and this makes it more evident that the team will want to come out and get a victory. There are currently zero NFC East teams above .500, which means the division is still up for grabs for all four teams. A win against the Giants could put the Eagles off to a great start against their divisional opponents. A loss for the Giants would put them at 1-5 on the season overall, and at 0-2 against divisional opponents. It would be a big hole that they would need to dig themselves out of.

Thursday's game is huge for many reasons. A win could put the Eagles back on track and almost effecitively end the Giants season early and force them to begin tanking for a high draft pick. A Giants win puts the Giants back in the midst of the top of the NFC East, and would lead to another hurdle the Eagles would have to eventually overcome over the rest of the season. With the reasons listed above, Thursdays game seems to be the perfect game to get a "W" in.



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