Full List of Every Known Celebrity Eagles Fan

With a city population of over 1.5 million people, the Philadelphia Eagles have the 6th-largest home market in all of football. Obviously with that kind of population, as well as having a high population in the tri-state area, there are bound to be some people from the region who have become celebrities that still root for the Birds on Sundays.

The following list contains all the known celebrities who like to wear midnight/kelly green and can also sing the Eagles Fight Song:

Biz Markie

The "Just a Friend" artist was born in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. He can been seen at Lincoln Financial Field cheering on the Eagles regularly.

Bradley Cooper

The Jenkintown native made his fandom known when he starred in "Silver Linings Playbook". He can constantly be spotted in Jeffery Lurie's owner's box with his family

Carli Lloyd

The USWNT legend was a part of the team's 2019 season hype video. Born and raised in Delran, New Jersey, she constantly praises her Eagles on Twitter.

Dan Campbell

Most people probably have no idea who Campbell is, but if you listen to alternative rock music then he might be an A-list celebrity in your eyes. The lead singer of "The Wonder Years" started his band in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and also mentioned former defensive tackle Jerome Brown in their song "We Could Die Like This":

"The city just felt worn out, no strength to pick our hearts off the ground.

We watched the '92 Birds take the field without Jerome Brown."

Dion Waiters

The 4th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft has carved out a productive basketball career. When Waiters is back in his hometown he converts from a professional athlete to just another Eagles fan in the Linc.


Though not a Philadelphia native, the superstar DJ most likely became an Eagles fan while attending Temple University. He was also the head DJ for the team's Super Bowl LII victory party and even got to hold the Lombardi Trophy that night.

Eddie Alvarez

The MMA star was born and raised in the city's Kensington neighborhood. He can sometimes be seen tailgating games at Lincoln Financial Field, although it is highly recommended not to start any fights with him...

Jim Cramer

The Montgomery County native is best known for hosting Mad Money on CNBC. Cramer has been a season ticket holder for over 20 years, and was also in the stands crying his eyes out in Minnesota when he saw the Eagles win their first-ever Super Bowl.

Johnny Gaudreau

Also known as "Johnny Hockey", this NHL star is constantly wearing Eagles gear around the hockey rink. Obviously, geography played a part in his decision to be an Eagles fan, as he was raised in Oldmans Township, New Jersey, and attended Gloucester Catholic High School in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

Karl Anthony-Towns

The NBA star was born in Edison, New Jersey up near New York, but being raised in Giants/Jets territory didn't defer him from choosing the Birds as his team. The 2015 1st overall pick was also in attendance for Super Bowl LII (which was made easy for him as he plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves) and was a guest-photographer for the game. He also had some custom sneakers made to celebrate the Eagles Super Bowl victory just a couple of days after the win.

Kevin Hart

Although Bradley Cooper is probably the current face of famous Eagles fans, that title should probably go to Hart. The comedy legend was born and raised inside the city and is the embodiment of what an Eagles fan looks like and talks like. He is constantly on Twitter talking about his Eagles while simultaneously trashing the Dallas Cowboys. What other Eagles fan do you know would be so plastered drunk that they would try going up on stage to hold the Lombardi Trophy while also cursing on live TV celebrating a Super Bowl win?

Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba was always vocal about his passion for the Philadelphia Eagles. He loved the team so much, that when the team was out in California for a road trip Bryant decided to give the team a pep talk. A few months later, his favorite team won its first-ever Super Bowl, and he celebrated like all Philadelphians did that night. R.I.P.

Lil Dicky

The Cheltenham Township-born rapper is a huge sports fans, so of course he grew up loving all of Philadelphia's sports teams. He made a few Philly sports references in one of his early songs "Sports", and recently did an extended interview to talk about his obsession with Philadelphia sports.

M. Night Shyamalan

The famous twist-ending director emigrated to the Philadelphia area from India when he was an infant. Shyamalan is known for filming and setting the plots of his movies in the city of brotherly love. His love of Philadelphia also extends to its sports teams, as Shyamalan was in attendance for Super Bowl LII.

Mark Hoppus

The rockstar, known for creating Blink-182, has no ties to the Philadelphia area, but that hasn't stopped him from cheering on the Birds. So how did he become an Eagles fan? According to, Hoppus started rooting for the Eagles to bother his friend, a Cowboys fan, and he has stuck with them ever since.