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Freddie Mitchell Reveals He is Battling Early-Onset Dementia & Depression

One of Philadelphia's greatest playoff heroes is battling a new opponent off the field.

In a new Bleacher Report series where old playoff heroes across the NFL give updates on their life, the first player they talked to was former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell. Mitchell revealed that he still lives in the city of brotherly love, and frequents dive bars in the Fishtown section of the city and enjoys hanging out with Eagles fans. Although that sounds like something a typical Philadelphian does in their free time, Mitchell also disclosed some dark stuff that has been happening in his life since retirement:

"He (Mitchell) considers himself disabled, noting that his wife, Patty, has basically become his caretaker. He says he has early-onset dementia and 'serious depression,' and says he has seizures, insomnia and memory loss." 

Even though Mitchell is dealing with an awful disability at such an early age, he still has goals he wants to accomplish to make the world a better place. Mitchell told Bleacher Reportthat his primary goal "is to establish a mental-health clinic and foundation."

Hopefully Mitchell can overcome his disability and depression, and live a full, happy life with his family. Eagles fans will be cheering for him all the way.

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