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Freddie Mitchell Predicted the Eagles Playoff Run

The Eagles had their backs against the wall after their heartbreaking overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys. It was a projected 8% chance to make the playoffs after that loss and many Philly fans lost hope in their team. However, former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell thought differently.

Everybody thought he was insane for thinking the Eagles would still make it to the playoffs,  But Fred-ex never lost hope in his former team.

With Carson Wentz coming off one of his worse games of the season in Dallas, Nick Foles would step in for the young QB after suffering a back injury. The rest is history.

Nick Foles would lead the Eagles to the 6th seed after he defeated the Rams in L.A, the red-hot Houston Texans, and division rival Washington Redskins. The defending Super Bowl Champions would be back in the playoffs.

The Eagles will face the Chicago Bears in Chicago on Sunday at 4:40 EST. It's best not to doubt this Eagles team, as they keep proving the world wrong every chance they get.

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