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Frank Reich Was More Important Than We Thought

Frank Reich was a very underrated piece of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles. The offense has regressed in many ways since the departure of Reich. It's hard to believe that an offensive coordinator (who was not even in control of the play calling) would be such a difference maker in the offense, but here are some numbers to prove it:

  • In 2017, the Eagles were ranked 13th in passing yards, 3rd in rushing, 7th in total yards, and was 1st in Time of Possession. Pretty impressive year from the offense.

  • In 2018, those numbers have decreased so far this season. They are currently, 18th in passing yards, 14th in rushing, 17th in total yards, and 2nd in Time of Possession.

Although the numbers don't tell the whole story, it's clear that the offense is going through some struggles. The offensive line is under performing, the wide receivers are having problems getting open, and the rushing attack that solidified the offense last year is being shut down.

It's hard to comprehend that the offense that has the same personnel as last years Super Bowl team is having so many problems getting points on the board. It could be the play calling from Doug Pederson, or maybe the players are just under performing, but something needs to change to get this offense back to how it was when Frank Reich and John Defilippo where a part of the coaching staff.

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