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FOX Rules Analyst Says Refs Missed Obvious Roughing the Passer Call on Carson Wentz

The Eagles secondary is the easiest scapegoat for last Sunday's loss against the Titans. But now it's confirmed that Eagles fans can blame someone else for the loss if they want to - the refs.

During the second half of the game, Carson Wentz was strip sacked and the Titans recovered the ball. When he was hit though, Wentz was struck in the head.

The was a pretty obvious penalty that was missed by the officials. When asked about that play today, former NFL Vice President of Officiating and current FOX Rules Analyst Dean Blandino confirmed that there should have been a flag called on that play.

A flag pulled there could have potentially changed the outcome of the game. The refs also missed a clear block in the back on LB Jordan Hicks in the final minute of overtime, which would have negated a fourth down conversion by the Titans.

The NFL hasn't come out and said their refs made these two mistakes. Let's hope the Eagles get some make-up calls for these mistakes when they play the Vikings on Sunday to get back even.



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